HaBiet ("Ha-by-it") Messianic Congregation: Service Sabbath, 1:30 PM

Brick church at the top of the hill.  Let's "Alayah" (go up) to "HaBiet" (The House).

496 South US HWY 17, San Mateo, Florida 32187*

386-530-1437 or 386-336-5679    

(*If this address does not work in your GPS, use 480 South US HWY 17 and we are just south of that address)                                                                                                                                 

Only Two People Have Ever Offered to die For You : Yeshua the Messiah Who Died For Your Soul,  And The American Soldier Who Died For Your Freedom.  I would suggest that we do not fully appreciate the sacrifice of either.


HaBiet Sabbath Service, Saturdays at 1:30 PM, followed by Oneg.

                    REMINDER:  Please turn your cell phones OFF or on  'Airplane Mode' during Service to avoid interference during the recording.

Weekly events: 

  Sabbath Service  starts at 1:30 PM, as we praise and worship the King of the Universe; expounded Messianic Torah and Bible teachings start around 2:30 with food (Oneg Shabbat) and fellowship starting around 4:00 PM. 

COVERED-KIDS:   Chris R. and Nick B. teach the "Covered Kids" class, which alternates weeks with the Teen program every other week. 

TORAH-TEENS:      Norma and her crew lead the teens in "walking out their faith".   Special Classes for Torah-Teens are every other week.  

MIDWEEK MIDRASH :    Freedom Night / Wednesday Nights 6:30pm-8:00pm.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!   Welcome to FREEDOM!   

                                     Beginning January 8th we will have a nine week teaching on Financial Freedom!   See the Freedom Night tab on top!  

No midrash February 26th and March 18th

PRAYER Warriors-   We have a "Prayer-chain" of trained prayer warriors who pray for those requesting prayer on the weekly prayer request slips at Habiet.                                        

DANCE CLASS- Sabbath at 12:30.  We learn new songs and dance practice before each Shabbat. 


HANUKKAH:  December 22nd thru December 30th - The Feast of Dedication (John 10:22).   Celebrate the Light of the World !

HANUKKAH PARTY:  December 25th instead of Midrash 6:30pm - Bring your home-made Hanukkiah and each lots of favorite foods!  Spin the Dreidel and learn about what happened in history that might be repeated again. 

ROSH CHODESH (NEW MOON):  Friday , December 27th  (At Sundown)The visual sighting of the new moon is expected which will usher in the 10th Biblical month.


EREV SHABBAT DINNER:  January 3rd at 6:30 pmWe will have an Erev Shabbat dinner at 6:30 pm to usher in Shabbat.   Please bring a covered dish and your favorite fruit of the vine.   Awesome event!  hope you didn't miss it!  :-)

ROSH CHODESH (NEW MOON):  Sunday , January 26th  (At Sundown)The visual sighting of the new moon is expected which will usher in the 11th Biblical month.



HALACHAT CHAIM CONFERENCE (WALK OF LIFE):  February 15-17 9am to 6 pm- Lunch and dinner will be served each day.  Register at www.walklife.org. 

ROSH CHODESH (NEW MOON):  Tuesday , February 25th  (At Sundown)The visual sighting of the new moon is expected which will usher in the 12th Biblical month.


PURIM:  Wednesday, March 11th at 6:00 pm we will celebrate Purim. - Dress as your favorite Biblical Character or concept!  Lots of food so don't eat dinner before you come.   We will read the book of Esther (OOH- AAH!) and see how Mordecai (YAY!) saved the Jewish people from Haman (BOO!)

Special Guest Speaker:  March 21st at Habiet, especially for the Women and for others who may be there as well. (secret for now :-)

MAN-UP Conference:  March 20-22, At Camp A.  Pre-registration required.  Registration opens Jan 30th.  (Link Will Be Here).

ROSH-CHODESH (NEW MOON):  Wednesday , March 25th  (At Sundown)The visual sighting of the new moon is expected which will usher in the 1st Biblical month.  Happy New Year!!!!


PASSOVER MEAL:  Wednesday , April 8th at 6:00 pm- Registration required.   More information to come

UNLEAVENED BREAD:  Thursday April 9th through Wednesday April 15th at sundown

ROSH-CHODESH (NEW MOON):  Friday , April 24th  (At Sundown)The visual sighting of the new moon is expected which will usher in the 2nd Biblical month.  


GOODSEARCH.COM is a search engine that we encourage you to use, make it your "default search engine".   When you use it, designate "HaBiet Messianic Congregation" as your charity and this will earn us money for each time you use it.

2019-20 TORAH PORTION SCHEDULE- Reminder to get your free schedule of the Weekly Readings.   Pick up your schedule in the front lobby at HaBiet on Shabbat.

Today's Video: Tetra Scroll: Proving Adam's Creation Date:    (Filmed at HaBiet Feast of Tabernacles www.fallfeast.com)

The Dented Maserati

Courtesy of Aish.com

 "Jerusalem: 4000 years in 5 minutes!"